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AktivPersonale is a Danish owned employment agency. For almost 25 years, we have helped matching companies and employees, in many lines of industries and craftmanship. We are always in search of qualified workers for both temporary and permanent positions. 

We find employment in many areas of work

Blacksmith, welder, electrician, carpenter, Industrial worker, sewage work, machine operator, warehouse work, production, truck driver, and many more

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How to apply for a job at AktivPersonale A/S

You can apply as a temp or for a permanent position here.

If you have any specific skills or education, please note them in your application. By signing a contract with AktivPersonale you are giving the possibility for many types of jobs.

General Information

When hired by AktivPersonale, you are guaranteed a salary according to Danish conventions. This means that your pay, will be as if you were hired directly by the company.

You will be paid by the hour, according to Danish conventions. The hourly pay will be informed before starting a new job.

You will receive your paycheck, on Friday, every second week. The salary is automatically transferred to your bank account, and you can find a specified paycheck at vikarlogin.

Before starting a job in Denmark, it is at the most importance, that you have your own personal bank account, for us to transfer your salary.

If you want to learn more about AktivPersonale or apply for a job, please contact any of our local offices, for more information.

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If you wish to apply for a job at AktivPersonale, please follow the link below.

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