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Then AktivPersonale have the right solution for you. We are a Danish owned recruitment agency and has for the past 25 years matched companies and employees in different job areas. We are always searching for qualified workers for both temporary and permanent positions. 

On an ongoing basis we offer positions such as:

Industrial worker, machine operator, carpenter, production worker, warehouse worker, cleaning etc...

Our offices are in Herning, Holstebro, Skive, Nykøbing Mors, Aalborg, Hanstholm og Hjørring. It is also in these areas where we primarily offer jobpositions.

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How to apply for a job at AktivPersonale A/S

You can apply as a temp or for a permanent position here. Please specify skills, education, certificates as it enlarges your possibilities for the best possible job match.

After you have signed up, we will invite you to an informationsmeeting in one of our offices. We will inform you, how it is to work for AktivPersonale, whether it is as a temporary or permanent possition.
Moreover, you will fill out and sign a contract and together, we will complete your account. Then you are able to receive your first job offer from us.

General Information

AktivPersonale is a part of Vikarbranchen which means, that we, as a recruitment agency, must follow a set of ethical guidelines and are subject to external audit on a regularly basic. Consequently, we are a safe choice as employer, as you are secured a salary according to Danish collective agreement. You will receive open choice account and pension if you are entitled to this in the agreement. This means that your salary, will be as if you were hired directly by the company.

Your salary will be stated on your contract, which you receive when you accept a job offer.

You will receive your paycheck, Friday every second week. The salary is automatically transferred to your bank account, and you can find a specified payslip in your profile at www.aktivpersonale.dk   

If you want to learn more about AktivPersonale or apply for a job, please contact any of our local offices, for more information.

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If you wish to apply for a job at AktivPersonale, please follow the link below.

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